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What are we Learning?

Our day in 4th Grade writing!

Mentor Sentences

Mentor sentences are well-written sentences that show off author’s craft from books we are reading in the classroom.  They are chosen based on style, language, grammar, and mechanics.

These sentences are a wonderful way to show students how writing should look, as opposed to some programs that fill a sentence with mistakes for the students to find.  The idea behind mentor sentences is that students will notice all of the good things about a sentence and use those techniques in their own writing.  It is also a great way to present grammar in a spiral method.

Monday- Students will find what they notice about the sentence.  They may see exciting words, type of sentence, or even specials parts of speech.

Tuesday- They will label all of the parts of speech that they see. (nouns, adjectives, verbs etc.)

Wednesday- We will revise the mentor sentence by making it more descriptive or exciting.  

Thursday-Imitate the mentor sentence by keeping the style and structure the same, but making it your own. 

Friday- Short assessment over what we have learned.

Writer’s Workshop

The next part of our class is what is refered to as, “Writer’s Workshop”.  Writing workshop allows your students to become active writers; creating their own text. Your child will acquire writing skills, build writing fluency, and develop pride for their finished work.

What does writing workshop look like?

Mini Lesson (5-10 minutes): The mini lesson introduces the focus skill for the day.  This time is used to read mentor text (if applicable) and create an anchor chart.  Anchor charts are a great way to keep the skill visible as students move to working more independently.  

Independent Writing (20-30 minutes): During independent writing time, your child will work on the assigned writing and focus on the skill that was introduced in the mini lesson.  The goal is for your child to implement this skill into their writing.  Conferencing with the teacher and peers will happen during this time.

Sharing (5-10 minutes): Your child will take time to share with the class, a partner, or a small group.  Students can share something they worked on, something they learned, or a specific part of their writing.  

At the end of a writing project, the sharing will be more involved and considered a “celebration”.


Spelling is an ongoing component of your child’s writing classroom.  Although they are encouraged to spell or sound out their spelling during the writing process, we do have a spelling pattern each week that we will focus on and practice.  They will have a little bit of homework each week to help give them the practice that they need.  It will always be due on Friday.