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Jr. Exlporers

Rains Intermediate offers Gifted and Talented service to students who have been identified as GT. GT-trained teachers lead students in higher-order thinking skills at least twice a week for 45 minutes during the Enrichment period on the schedule. 

In order to serve as many students as possible who may benefit from challenging curriculum, teachers can nominate non-GT students to participate in the program. The program is now called Jr. Explorers, because it is an extension of the Young Explorers program at Rains Elementary.

In order to participate, students must have a permission slip signed by parents. Students must also conduct themselves in a manner that contributes to group learning. 

Jr. Explorers are led by the following teachers:

3rd Grade: Landon Williams, Sharyse McDowell

4th Grade: Stacy Vititow, Jennifer Dexter

5th Grade: Jean Ann Jacks, Shantil Wallace